We are ISO9001 and CE certified. Our service is guaranteed for quality.

 The 21st century is an era where both technology and environmental protection are valued. Because of the continuous and fast growth in the industrial, commercial and economic sectors, the living standards for humankind improves continuously. With the increasing demand on electrical equipment featuring high efficiency, high quality, low pollution and energy saving, the manufacturing technology on transformers is also trending towards higher efficiency, non-combustibility, moisture resistance, energy saving, low pollution, low noise and small volume. With years of manufacturing experience in dry transformers, we keep innovating, researching and developing products that meet clients’ demands and comply with the contemporary trend.。

 Since its establishment in 1987, the Long-Jeau Electric Ltd. has accumulated decades of professional experience. We are ISO 9001 and CE certified. Our service is guaranteed for quality. Our three (mono-) phase transformers are professionally manufactured with excellent quality and credibility. Our transformers are applicable in power distribution, machinery, industrial use, customization, high and low voltage for the entire plant. We also provide various oil-immersed and dry start-up resistors, as well as professional design of special coil.. Long-Jeau is the first choice for clients, because we do not only research, develop and manufacture various power equipment, but also provide thorough maintenance and service for our customers. At Long-Jeau, there is always professional personnel at all times, who are ready to solve any problem the client may experience regarding power utilization for plant invested locally or overseas. The client is always welcome to contact us!